Our Polymer Stone balustrades are manufactured using a combination of high-end polymer resin, fine limestone dust, and pigment, resulting in a finished product that is durable, dependable, virtually maintenance free, and fully permeated with a desired color. The finished texture is fully uniform, void of irregularities, protrusions, and cavities as found on other products. Our polymer stone product is less than ½ the weight of stone or concrete while similar in strength. Our product surpasses BOCA standards as well as most local codes. The water absorption rate of our balustrade system is less than .001%, which translates into immense reduction in cracking during climatic change and virtually a stain-free product. Our railings can span up to a length of 20’ before requiring a newel post, allowing the customer versatility in design and preference. These balustrades are complimentary to our Polymer Stone Columns.