Polymer Stone Columns

Our Polymer Stone columns are manufactured using a combination of high-end polymer resin, fine limestone dust, and pigment, resulting in a finished product that is durable, dependable, virtually maintenance free, and fully permeated with a desired color. Polymer Stone columns are available in a smooth or textured finish, fluted or plain, and round or square. Even though our product is less than ½ the weight of comparative stone or concrete columns, our columns provide comparative tensile strength and aesthetic appeal. Our product surpasses all of the BOCA codes as well as most local codes. The water absorption rate of our columns is less than .001%, thereby reducing the propensity to crack despite climatic change and results in virtually a stain free product. Our Polymer Stone columns and Polymer Stone Balustrades are complimentary products: Apply our columns, our balustrades, or a mixture of both to any commercial or residential project.